Thailand where we start and grow !

    • 1982       It all began in a small factory in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Mr. Nirun Leykacharakul, our founder had set up a factory for producing metal tool box which makes us known to many industrial users in many regions.
    • 1988       Bangkok Tools Industrial Co., Ltd. was established to support our plan for business expansion. Since then, it has now come a long way from its beginnings in a small District in Bangkok to our current plant and warehouse in Samutsakorn Province.

Since then until today, our product family has been growing. Worm drive hose clamp under the name NPP® is added to our product family and service our customers in many regions.

From time to time, NPP® keeps improving the effectiveness of our hose clamps because we firmly believe that quality saves all.

When choosing a hose clamp for your assembly, a high quality clamp must be specified. Failure of a hose clamp can incur downtime of the assembly line which can consequently cause extremely costly expenses.



No compromise on clamping force !

We make no compromise on clamping force; destructive and free turning torque. That’s why the general standard of the industry is not enough for us.

Therefore, when using NPP® Clamps, you can rest assured that you have chosen exceptional sealing properties clamps that are able to withstand very high tightening torques while offering smooth action in its free-turning state.

Let us be your partner !

Allowing us to understand your individual requirements, then we can find you the right hose clmaps for your specific needs.